On First Electrical energy in America and Nigeria

On First Electrical energy in America and Nigeria

IT was not till 1902 that President Theodore Roosevelt, in the course of the large renovation of the White Home, added electrical lights to the White Home.

AMERICAN independence was 1776, electrical energy debut in America 1882, and White Home received electrical lights 126 years after.

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Now examine with Nigeria that received electrical energy in 1896, 64 years earlier than independence and in 1960 – the official residences of Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa and President Nnamdi Azikiwe all had electrical lights.

Paradoxically, 126 years after electrical energy debut in Nigeria, Nigeria is lagging in delivering the essential infrastructure.

In the meantime, Nigeria has extra engineers per nation than some other African nation.

If one presents an excuse for this, they have to be apologists and sympathizers – they have to be excused.

Ejike E OKPA, International Affairs Analyst

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