Greatest Modules in Outcast A New Starting – Use These Weapon Combos

Greatest Modules in Outcast A New Starting – Use These Weapon Combos

Listed below are one of the best Modules in Outcast A New Starting that you need to use to make your weapon totally your personal. 

After 25 lengthy years, Cutter Slade is again as soon as extra with Outcast: A New Starting. Those that performed the unique understand how revolutionary it was for the time. Quick ahead to now, and you’ll get to discover extra of Adelpha in a recent, modernized look with revamped mechanics and fight.

The fight within the sport is fairly completely different from the unique. In this sequel, as a substitute of throwing in a bunch of various weapons so that you can check out and improve, the devs solely offer you two foremost weapons. 

Nevertheless, you now get so as to add completely different Modules to your weapons that massively change how they operate. 

Wish to use a machine gun? Throw within the Machine Gun Module

Wish to snipe from a distance? Use the Scope!

By mixing and matching these modules, you may give you a weapon that’s totally your personal! With that stated, let’s check out a few of the greatest weapon module combos that you need to use in Outcast: A New Starting.

Greatest Modules in Outcast A New Starting 

Best Modules in Outcast A New Beginning - Use These Weapon Combos
Credit score: IGN

In Outcast A New Starting, you get to make your weapon your personal by experimenting with completely different Modules. Listed below are a few of the greatest ones that we discovered:

1. Loopy Overpowered 

  • Multi-Pictures: Fires a salvo of Projectiles
  • Good Bullet: Fires Homing Projectiles
  • Explosive Payload: Projectiles Explode on Influence and Deal Space Harm

For these uncommon moments when you could go full scorched-earth on Adelpha’s hostile alien inhabitants, this combo brings pure mayhem and sheer devastation. The Multi-Pictures Module rains down a volley of projectiles, blanketing areas with a barrage, leaving no room for canopy.

As if that wasn’t sufficient, the Good Bullet Module turns every projectile right into a homing bullet that relentlessly hunts down all of the enemies caught in its radius. However the actual banger on this combo is the Explosive Payload Module! 

Each projectile that connects blows up and offers large space harm, setting off a sequence response obliterating something in an enormous radius. Overkill isn’t in your dictionary when working this weapons Module mixture.

2. Methodic & Lethal

  • Electrical Orb: Fires a slow-moving orb that offers harm to shut enemies
  • Charged Shot: Replaces auto-fire with a guide shot that may be charged by holding the weapon set off
  • Scope: Provides a scope to your weapon, giving it Sniper Properties

This combo is ideal for many who desire a extra systematic, affected person strategy to fights. The Electrical Orb Module lobs out a sluggish power sphere that drifts towards enemies, zapping and damaging them. It’s nice for when the enemies are clustered collectively.

Throw within the Charged Shot Module, and you’ll overload the orb for a high-impact blast. However within the thick of battle, this weapon combo may not work as nicely because it depends on you having to cost your shot.

That’s the place the third Module, Scope, is available in. This Module provides a sniper scope to your weapon, permitting you to cost your shot from a distance. There’s no want to shut ranks when you may take down enemies from a distance!

3. Fast & Effectively-Balanced

  • Stabilizer: Tremendously reduces weapon’s recoil
  • Machine Gun: Will increase hearth fee and permits firing when overheated at the price of further ammo
  • Concussive shot: Elevated harm and an opportunity to stun droids

This Module combo is ideal for many who need essentially the most versatility out of their weapon. The Stabilizer retains your goal laser-focused even because the Machine Gun kicks your fee of fireside into overdrive. Certain, it eats up a bit of additional ammo, however your weapon now not overheats, which implies you may hold firing until the enemies are blown to bits!

However this loadout is not only about spraying bullets aimlessly. With the Concussive Shot Module thrown into the combo, your harm will get a large increase. Your weapon may even be capable to stun these pesky droids. This construct offers you a well-balanced harm machine with no actual weaknesses.

4. Passive Revenue

  • Therapeutic Salve: Projectiles give again well being when killing an enemy
  • Magnetic Tracker: Hit enemies to mark them. Marked enemies will entice bullets
  • Helidium Saver: Reduces Helidium consumption when firing. 

Within the unforgiving wilds of Adelpha, sustainability can usually make all of the distinction between survival and dying. This combo will fairly actually allow you to reside off the land. The Therapeutic Salve Mod leeches well being out of your fallen foe, whereas the Helidum Saver Module ensures your ammo reserves don’t drop too low.

Because the cherry on prime, the Magnetic Tracker Module ensures each bullet you hearth makes its solution to your goal. With one shot, you mark the enemy and might then observe up with homing bullets that hone in on the goal. This construct is designed to make sure most effectivity from every shot fired.

5. Creating Mayhem

Best Modules in Outcast A New Beginning - Use These Weapon Combos
Credit score: THQ Nordic
  • Frenzy: Killing enemies improves the weapon’s harm and hearth fee for a brief length
  • Shotgun Barrel: Shoots a large unfold of projectiles
  • Sticky Mines: Projectiles releases proximity mines on impression

Right here’s one other construct that focuses totally on harm output. The Frenzy Module is the principle character on this loadout, bettering your weapon’s harm output and hearth fee with every kill. As you rack up your kill rely, your potential to deal harm exponentially will increase. 

The Shotgun Barrel mod is the proper match for Frenzy. It permits you to rise up shut and private along with your targets and blow them up with a single shot. Certain, it reduces the accuracy of your weapon, however whenever you’re meting out this a lot harm, does it actually matter?

The ultimate piece of the puzzle is the Sticky Mines mod. So even when your projectiles miss, you’ll be exploding enemies left and proper because of the proximity mines you launch along with your photographs.

6. Grasp of Precision

  • Scope: Provides the weapon Sniper properties
  • Headshot Booster: Projectiles deal extra harm on weak factors
  • Concussive Shot: Will increase the harm and probabilities of beautiful droids

For the cold-blooded marksmen on the market, the Grasp of Precision construct is the proper reply. It combines three of one of the best Snipe-heavy Modules into one, turning your weapon right into a one-shot kill machine!

With a construct like this, the Scope Module is a must have. Due to its precision scope, you’ll get extra vary out of your weapon and might goal from additional out. By including the Headshot Booster, you’ll be dealing bonus harm anytime you hit the enemy’s weak factors. 

The final mod, Concussive Shot, additional will increase your harm output whereas providing you with a bonus likelihood of beautiful enemy droids whenever you hearth. It’s essential take your time and punctiliously line up your photographs to get essentially the most out of this construct. It’s a high-skill loadout that’s solely good for shooter veterans with off-the-charts goal and precision.

The weapon system in Outcast A New Starting enables you to experiment with completely different Modules to discover a loadout that you simply actually love. Our Module combos ought to offer you a fundamental concept of the way it all works. Now all there’s left is to hunt down these modules. Good luck!

Best Modules in Outcast A New Beginning – Use These Weapon Combos

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