Why It Doesn’t Matter That Damilola Ogunsi Performs Position Of ‘Onibode’ In Anikulapo

Why It Doesn’t Matter That Damilola Ogunsi Performs Position Of ‘Onibode’ In Anikulapo

Within the wake of the discharge of Kunle Afolayan’s ‘Anikulapo: the rise of the sceptre’ there was totally different critiques on social media relating to elements of the story and the discrepancies of all of it. One which significantly stood out was the casting of Damilola Ogunsi, an albino, because the divine character. Within the film, Ogunsi performed the position of the ‘Onibode (the gatekeeper)’ within the epic fantasy sequence.

Why It Doesn't Matter That Damilola Ogunsi Plays Role Of ‘Onibode’ In Anikulapo
Damilola Ogunsi

The narrative was, ‘Why use a white particular person as an angel in a Nigerian film?’ It brings up the talk of colourism within the film business. Is that this a case of white supremacy and the idealism of utilizing ‘white individuals’ to depict good divine supreme beings, or is it in accordance with the Yoruba mythology that Kunle Afolayan was depicting? On this case, the ‘angel’ in query just isn’t an angel however the ‘Onibode.’

Who Is The Onibode?

Esu is often known as the ‘Onibode.’ In Yoruba custom, Onibode is the approver and is often known as the gatekeeper between the non secular and the bodily world. Nonetheless, Esu is totally different from Devil or the satan. The divinity in Yoruba theology is the right-hand divinity of Orunmila, messenger of the supreme being, and it’s Esu’s responsibility to excellent the completion of Orunmila’s wishes.

There aren’t any angels in Yoruba mythology, and Albino’s are additionally not mere individuals in Yoruba methodology.

Why Utilizing An Albino Is Good For The Position?

Amongst Yoruba’s, Albinos are known as ‘Eni Orisa.’ In Yoruba land, any character with totally different bodily attributes to what’s thought of ‘regular’ are known as ‘Eni Orisa.’ This ranges from individuals with hunch backs, dwarfs and Albinos. In consequence, they’re accorded the privileges of Orisa’s.

Coupled with the truth that Damilola Ogunsi, the actor who performed the character is a Yoruba man, the premise of the argument is flawed. Ought to a dark-skinned actor be used for the only real sake of political correctness, or ought to this be approached based mostly on an actor who’s from the tribe in query performing a task that completely matches the narrative? Albinos are black no matter their lack of melanin.

Nigeria, with over two million Particular person with Albinism (PWA), one of many highest on the planet, ought to they be discriminated in opposition to and never be given particular roles due to a uncommon genetic situation?

No matter colonialism, white, since time immemorial and in Yoruba mythology, has been a logo for Obatala, because the god is represented by white and is related to calmness, morality, previous age, and purity. Whether or not we select to go together with Yoruba mythology or surface-level depiction, there isn’t a legitimate cause why Damilola Ogunsi mustn’t have been provided that position.

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