Seeing LOTS of Lefty Meltdowns Over Biden however THIS Meltdown From Bradley Moss Is Hilariously IMPRESSIVE

Seeing LOTS of Lefty Meltdowns Over Biden however THIS Meltdown From Bradley Moss Is Hilariously IMPRESSIVE

You’d assume Biden’s supporters could be glad the outdated coot is not going to be charged for taking categorised paperwork and placing America’s nationwide safety in danger. However NOOOOO, they’re all labored up as a result of Hur was trustworthy about Joe’s cognitive capability … it isn’t good.

It is dangerous.

So dangerous.

And that presser final evening proved it.

We suppose when you find yourself so personally vested in a politician you are taking this stuff personally.

Like Bradley P. Moss.

If I have been an elected official proper now I’d contemplate subpoenaing Robert Hur to testify about this report. Each time he ever says “I don’t recall” I might ask him whether it is protected to say he’s a nicely which means however aged outdated man with a poor reminiscence.

— Bradley P. Moss (@BradMossEsq) February 8, 2024

He mad.

And c’mon, Bradley. It isn’t like Biden forgot the place he left his automobile keys or an anniversary. 


Does it ever get embarrassing, being you?

— 703Kyle 🇨🇱 (@703Kyle) February 9, 2024

— (@jtLOL) February 9, 2024

Sure, we’ve laughed a superb bit at the moment. Granted, we in all probability should not be contemplating President Pop-Tart for Brains is the chief of the free world and isn’t in his proper mind-set but when we do not giggle we’ll in all probability by no means cease crying. Or throwing up, it is exhausting to inform today.

How forgetful do it’s a must to be to depart TS/SCI in a cardboard field in your storage, hack?

I’d go to jail for that.

— Will Collier (@willcollier) February 9, 2024


Oh, wait, that is a unique story. Then once more, it kind of works right here too. 

100% he might recall essential dates in his life and profession.

— Dave Giglio (@djgiglio) February 9, 2024

Fairly positive he and most everybody else would keep in mind being Vice President.

Really useful

This difficulty is just too apparent to spin.

— E T Browning (@ETBrowning01) February 9, 2024

Whenever you’ve misplaced NBC?

Not good.


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