Leftists Go Ballistic on MSNBC’s Katy Tur for Daring to Query (Barely) Biden’s Psychological Health

Leftists Go Ballistic on MSNBC’s Katy Tur for Daring to Query (Barely) Biden’s Psychological Health

Yesterday was all types of unhealthy information for Joe Biden, his administration, and his supporters. Certain, Biden is not going to be prosecuted for his labeled paperwork scandal, however the one motive he isn’t going to be prosecuted is as a result of special counsel Robert Hur concluded that the present (part-time) resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue can barely keep in mind what day it’s, not to mention whether or not he locked up the paperwork he stored in his storage. 

To make issues oh, a lot worse for Biden, he and his workforce determined that it will be a incredible concept for him to carry a prime-time press convention on the matter. Whoa Nelly, was THAT a mistake. When Biden wasn’t shouting non sequiturs at Peter Doocy and different reporters in his temporary 10-minute presser, he was complicated the leaders of Egypt and … Mexico? (Hey, who amongst us hasn’t, proper?)

It is instances like this when the Biden administration vitally counts on its company media lapdogs to run cowl for him. Whereas most of them, together with the New York Times, Greg Sargent, and John Harwood adopted these directions to a T (they love ‘Republicans pounce’ story, in spite of everything), not everybody was absolutely on script. 

Enter MSNBC’s Katy Tur, who had former Biden spokeswoman and present fellow MSNBC apparatchik (like there is a distinction) on her present to debate the particular counsel’s findings. In the course of the section, Tur dedicated the cardinal sin of unintentionally admitting that, hey, there is likely to be one thing to this ‘right-wing narrative’ about Biden’s psychological well being in spite of everything. Watch:  

— BetoMedia (@BetoMedia) February 9, 2024

Even if you happen to do not flip the audio on that clip, the anguished expression on Tur’s face — as she brings up the topic that Democrats are NEVER allowed to deliver up — is priceless. Her related pained query to Psaki was: 

Really useful

‘However I do surprise if having this narrative enforced which the Rrepublicans are going to make use of and which individuals already really feel simply by wanting on the President when he is on tv … this narrative will not be one which may be very worrying.’

(It is a tortured query, after all, however what she meant was, she thinks it is attainable that the problem IS very worrying.)

Psaki tries to deflect the query by pretending that the ‘narrative’ is Biden’s age and never his clear and apparent psychological decline. She principally filibusters the remainder of the section with the counter that Donald Trump will not be that a lot youthful than Biden. 

Tur concludes the section by attempting to argue that Trump will not be the identical particular person he was eight years in the past, which can be true, however laughable compared to the mind freezes America sees from Biden each day.

However it was too late for her to cowl it up. Tur dedicated the heresy of admitting that there could also be a degree to Biden’s cognitive impairment (and Individuals see it). The mob doesn’t tolerate ANY deviation from the script, not to mention one as severe as this could possibly be. 

The leftists proceeded to have a full-scale meltdown about her, as ‘Katy Tur’ trended all night time on Twitter. 

And we grabbed some popcorn for it. 

— BelieveWhatYouSawWithYourOwnEyes (@KristenM777) February 9, 2024

Sorry, fact? Psaki would not know the reality if it bit her on her tuchus. She did say one correct factor in the course of the section — that Individuals on either side would very very similar to youthful candidates — however apart from that, it was pure deflection. She would not even let Tur (who’s the host right here, thoughts you) reply her when Psaki requested ‘What narrative?’ 

And everyone knows why she would not let Tur reply that query. 

Would you assist MSNBC firing Katy Tur? pic.twitter.com/jSfYwinu9V

— Lovable Liberal and his Outdated English sheepdog (@DougWahl1) February 8, 2024

The tribe has spoken … in Lord of the Flies style. Tur have to be expelled. She uttered the forbidden phrases. 

Expensive @MSNBC,
What’s unsuitable with you all and Katy Tur? Age is just a quantity and there may be not a lot distinction between Biden’s age and Trump’s age?
Then why Biden is singled out?
Look what Mark Milley mentioned about Biden.
Biden is alert, sound and match.https://t.co/AFZPLNE2k5 pic.twitter.com/L7afPXt4Z8

— Managing Editor (@FactsATruth) February 8, 2024

LOL. Citing a scripted assertion from Mark Milley is SURE to persuade folks that Biden is mentally match.

Katy Tur must go to Fox. She’s despicable. https://t.co/v2cAsUrX4H

— kim (@BlueTexasKim) February 9, 2024

Sure, she have to be a right-wing extremist like everybody else on Fox, proper? That is the one clarification. It could not be that Biden shakes fingers with ghosts when he seems on stage. 

— ExGOP/PsyD-Psychotherapist (@MonicaRivpin) February 9, 2024

Breaking: the left cannot meme. 

Reminder Katy TurD…this was 2020…many weren’t attending Biden rallies in particular person as a result of they’re sensible and wished to remain alive…most of those who attendended t-tump rallies have been dying in droves. Thanks Jen Psaki for at all times talking fact to energy!! https://t.co/HhZq32OLTK

— Songbird8 (@Songbird_8) February 9, 2024

Oh, pricey. There’s a lot brainwashing in that tweet, we actually do not even know the place to start. That particular person wants SERIOUS remedy.

However by far, our favourite meltdown got here from ‘influencer’ BrooklynDad_Defiant, who simply utterly misplaced what little thoughts he has.

Expensive @MSNBC,

Your total block of noon programming, beginning with Andrea Mitchell and ending with Katy Tur, is horrible and extremely unwatchable.

It forces me to alter the channel, and generally simply flip the TV off fully.

I’m not alone on this opinion. Their protection of… pic.twitter.com/rVOtPL0PvJ

— BrooklynDad_Defiant!☮️ (@mmpadellan) February 8, 2024

Right here is the total tweet:

Expensive @MSNBC

Your total block of noon programming, beginning with Andrea Mitchell and ending with Katy Tur, is horrible and extremely unwatchable. 

It forces me to alter the channel, and generally simply flip the TV off fully. 

I’m not alone on this opinion. Their protection of President Biden is often very unfair, unbalanced, detrimental, and even Fox Information-like. 

Know your viewers. 
That is an election yr. 

Sustain the sh**ty protection, and watch your rankings slip. Your key demographic is NOT trump supporters, it is President Biden supporters.  

Begin performing prefer it.

LOL. ‘Begin performing prefer it.’ Who does this deadbeat dad assume he’s? However discover the tone of his tweet. MSNBC workers should not allowed to be ‘journalists.’ The left DEMANDS that they be full-throated apparatchiks or endure the wrath of the mob. 

And, after all, he needed to comply with up with this reply to his personal tweet. As a result of it is all a grift: 

In the event you’re fed up with the unbalanced, detrimental protection by the media on President Biden, we propose you subscribe to our YouTube channel, the place we’re producing high quality information content material and reactions each day.

— BrooklynDad_Defiant!☮️ (@mmpadellan) February 9, 2024

By the best way, his YouTube channel barely has 20,000 subscribers in over two years. 

We’re hiding our chuckling proper now…barely. 

That is an ideal query, I do not know, however positively not quickly sufficient!

— BrooklynDad_Defiant!☮️ (@mmpadellan) February 8, 2024

OK, now we won’t include the laughter anymore. For honest protection, the left is demanding the return of … Nicolle Wallace. 

I placed on @CNN at midday on a regular basis with out fail. I can’t watch Andrea Mitchell on @MSNBC! I at all times return by 4:00 for @DeadlineWH! I like Nicole Wallace!

— And Nonetheless I Rise 🌊🌊🌊🌊 (@invictis117) February 8, 2024

Please cease. We’re spitting up our drinks now. We’ve not laughed this difficult since Biden confused the Ukranian individuals with the Iranian individuals. 

As for the response (apart from the laughter) from the proper to the leftists’ freak-outs simply because the Tur dared to the 1st step foot off the trail? There have been many, however we expect this one sums it up completely: 

Rx Fascinating https://t.co/22EUBm2z4K pic.twitter.com/e04TxhO3JL

— The Gormogons (@Gormogons) February 8, 2024

Certainly. Assuming humanity survives 2024, future historians and anthropologists may make their total CAREERS writing in regards to the ideologically captured left within the early twenty first century and their shared woke thoughts virus. 

As for many of us conservatives? We’ll simply be over right here persevering with to not belief virtually ALL of the company media, no matter community. It is labored out fairly nicely up to now.


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