Sisi Senaponi’s Nook Philanthropic Service

Sisi Senaponi’s Nook Philanthropic Service

Learn and snicker…

Kpoi! Kpoi! Kpoi! Na who dey o!

Stellacocolabeverly…how dey markeit? I hail o!

Small time now, when dem dey point out philanthropists, some coconut headed folks sef go wan elevate hand!

I keep in mind the time wah dey gist with one quiet girl wey acquire room close to Mama Ejima.

She gist me say for work as receptionist wey she be, a lot males dey at all times give her card and lunch cash.

She say earlier than she land right here, the agent of confusion wey suppose assist her discover home. He say na serene space and really pretty compound!

Na when she pay him, as he rush her say na fashionable home, wey celeb dey dwell! Make she nor go lose the room!

She ask me say who be the celeb, i say na Baba, as na solely him get ipad and dey comply with folks from obodo oyinbo do enterprise! Na VIP folks dey discover him come!

I don neglect sef, we get anoda one, na Bobo, na celeb im be! He say him be Artist!

Na on a regular basis folks wey nor dey baff, with dada hair, trawziz wey small pikin suppose put on and darkish glasses dey discover am.come!

Na soso coke coke dem dey comply with me purchase!

Dey nor dey drink water!

When dey open Bobo door, you go suppose say na Sango dem comply with do assembly!

Even baba wey dey comply with dem ancestors do zoom assembly, anor positive say smoke match attain like that!

Them go say dem be artist, with head colour like lizard! Draw draw a lot nonsense for physique! Pores and skin wey nor even recent in any respect! Come carry confusion add for im downside!

Landlord say incase we all know anyone wey wan undertake pikin, since he wan add terrorism to im stupidity!

Landlord say he nor go acquire cash, say no must even fill adoption kind as he nor need make Bobo keep in mind highway come home!

I say even when particular person carry Bobo give Bobo, Bobo sef nor go acquire!

Bobo wey dey inform me say he dey see Angehs inside sleep! Say dem dey give him inspiration to be Artiste.

Bobo wey him center identify na samuel, he jor dey waste him time! When God don prepared for am! Na by himself he go give up give God!

Our tenant say she discover say at the same time as Bobo dey comply with all these lizard folks, he no draw tattoo or dye hair.

I say Bobo nonetheless get sense go the remainder of them! Him mama nor be roadside lady o! Na trainning camp he dey right here so! If kasala burst, na inside airport he go miss enter im nation!

Poor man pikin wey dey comply with huge man pikin discover bother, na for kirikiri their day dey daybreak!

I say make she nor hand over, match be say na her horseband aspect, the agent carry her come so! So match be say na assist he assist her like this!

She say she see shege earlier than she even land her receptionist job. Say one time one man wey match born her invite her come an occasion for one saturday.

She say he promise her work for oyel firm because the philanthropic celeb wey him be!

She say the time wey she dey work for one laboratory like that, Nothing wey her eye nor see!

She say the person nor even recognise her say na she run the assessments for am years again!

I say why she nor introduce hersef give him.

She say he faux like say he keep in mind her when she attempt say they don meet earlier than.

I say which man sef go see all these golf equipment wey you dey assist dwelling and overseas wey nor go famz you! *kiikikii…she carry in good proportion!*

Na the condiment this man see for reception one yr after, wey he nor know say she know say he get HIV and he been attempt bribe the tech man make he do faux outcome for am however that one nor gree acquire cash!

And he or she dey date the tech man that point, so he inform her in confidence how he for jor flip huge boy in a single day, however na towards his imagine and ethics!

Now na the identical manwan use his blokos and dismantle her superb future on prime oyel job!

I say you get luck o!

Individual wey dey dwell in denial say he nor properly!

He nonetheless dey carry girls upandan!Na so that you for jor go acquire desk and chair for hellfire, start do meet and greet on your fellow contributors!

Una know the way a lot the melecine for that factor corss?!

Na the day wah go that hospital for Idiaraba, wah lorss for these their hall wey dey an identical.

Anor know highway, i say mah jor use sense navigate earlier than one samaritan sekuriti man direct me.

Na when i ask if dem dey do PVC registration for one place, wah see a lot folks sidon apart for bench.

He say no na HIV folks be that!

I say dem dey do consciousness abi marketing campaign?! He say na dem get the factor!

Anor even know say my mouth dey vast open. Superb advantageous, wholesome, younger and previous folks na im full dia o!

Na make God nor put pur meals the place e go arduous o! Na so the philanthropy for carry this geh go the place she nor know, if to say she nor flip mermaid o!

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