What Is Burrata and How Is It Made?

What Is Burrata and How Is It Made?

Trying to amp up your cheese recreation with little or no effort? Skip the recent mozzarella—and use burrata as an alternative!

Snack with fresh burrata cheese

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I’ll always remember my first expertise with burrata cheese. I used to be at a considerably fancy farm-to-table restaurant (you already know, the type the place they inform you the place your hen got here from). We ordered a number of plates to share, together with a caprese salad as a result of tomatoes have been in season. I wasn’t anticipating to be wowed—how thrilling can tomatoes, mozzarella and basil be?—till the dish arrived on the desk. The thick-sliced heirloom tomatoes cascaded in an arc round a big ball of burrata cheese, which oozed like a poached egg once we minimize into it. It tasted like mozzarella and appeared like mozzarella however with a critical improve: distinctly wealthy, buttery and creamy.

I used to be hooked. I began making burrata boards and serving the cheese with grilled fruits, salted meats or plain with good, old style crackers. An orb of burrata grew to become a mainstay on high of creamy risottos, meaty pastas or luscious soups. I unfold it on toast for breakfast or as a fast appetizer and tore the cheese into items so as to add to salads or roasted greens.

Able to get began with this distinctive cheese? Studying about one of the best methods to eat burrata cheese (and which cooking strategies you’ll wish to keep away from when utilizing it) begins by understanding what’s burrata cheese, and the way it’s made.

What Is Burrata Cheese?

Burrata interprets from Italian to imply “buttered,” so you already know it’s going to have a wealthy, creamy taste! This cow’s milk cheese is much like recent mozzarella, besides the shell is filled with shreds of cheese soaked in cream (a cheese known as Stracciatella). It tastes calmly candy and buttery, however its texture is what makes the cheese actually shine. The outer shell is easy and chewy whereas the inside is gentle and gooey, offering a pleasant distinction.

Mozzarella vs. Burrata Cheese

Burrata cheese and mozzarella are associated however differ in a single essential facet: Mozzarella is formed right into a stable ball of cheese, whereas burrata’s outer shell is fashioned right into a unfastened pouch. From there, the pouch is filled with creamy cheese, making it extra like a cheese-filled dumpling than a cheese ball.

How Is Burrata Cheese Made?

Making burrata cheese begins with the identical steps as mozzarella. Cow’s milk is heated and set with rennet, an enzyme that turns the liquid into curds and whey. The curds are warmed with boiling water till they’re gentle and mailable sufficient to stretch. If this was mozzarella, the cheesemakers would kind the stretched curds into balls and allow them to cool in salted water or whey.

With burrata, among the stretched curds are changed into Stracciatella, which suggests they’re left as strands and soaked in cream. Others are fashioned right into a unfastened pouch to kind a shell. After the creamy strands are stuffed contained in the shell, it’s fashioned right into a ball, sealed and saved in whey.

Ideas for Serving Burrata Cheese

Let it come to room temperature

Chilly temperatures have a method of muting flavors, so that you’ll wish to take the chilliness off burrata to realize its greatest style. That is as straightforward are eradicating the burrata from the fridge about half-hour earlier than serving.

Don’t preserve it for too lengthy

Burrata is greatest proper after it’s made, so solely preserve it within the fridge for a short while. Plan on utilizing it the identical day you buy it, or the following day at most, as the flavour begins to bitter after a couple of days. Retailer it within the liquid it got here in, too. If you happen to unintentionally drained the container, you possibly can retailer burrata in faucet water.

Sadly, this isn’t a cheese you possibly can freeze when it’s close to its expiration. The excessive water content material crystallizes when frozen, destroying the feel.

Lower burrata simply earlier than serving

As soon as you chop right into a burrata ball, the gooey heart will start to seep out, so minimize burrata must be eaten instantly. Serve it by inserting the entire ball on the middle of the dish and slicing into it on the desk. Alternatively, you possibly can minimize the orb into small cubes or tear it into strips earlier than including it your recipe.

Keep away from melting it

Burrata is particular due to the textural distinction between its gentle shell and the gooey heart inside. It tastes melty even when it’s served at room temperature. You’ll be able to heat it calmly, however keep away from utterly melting it otherwise you’ll miss out on experiencing these distinctive qualities. Persist with recent mozzarella for melted functions and use burrata as a ending cheese as an alternative.

Serve it merely

You received’t wish to overpower burrata cheese with a ton of sauces, herbs or spices. This cheese shines due to its gentle however wealthy taste, and peppering it with a ton of spices would take away from its delicate aesthetic. In fact, you will note burrata used as a garnish on dishes with wealthy tomato sauces and herbaceous pestos, so this isn’t a tough and quick rule.

After we’re serving burrata as an appetizer or on a charcuterie board, we prefer to season it merely with a drizzle of high-quality olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Able to get began with burrata? Attempt utilizing it in your favourite recipes with mozzarella cheese.

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